Great sign - has a touch of the hand-made to it. Familiar, somehow. The American was in Newport, Kansas, on Highway 67. How perfectly American, right? One small problem: the town of Newport, Kansas - and yes, that's what it says on the back of the card - DOES NOT EXIST.


Go ahead; try Google. Try this, and see what happens. Try this, and click on the "Map of Newport, KS" link. I suspect either aliens or a nuclear mishap; the entire town probably sits under a gigantic concrete lid, with all traces of habitation expunged. Or perhaps we live in the Matrix, none of these motels existed, and this is one of those moments where a lapse in programming reveals a minor flaw in the code.

UPDATE: Here's a map of US 67.



Notice where it's not? Kansas. And then there's this. I knew the place looked familiar.