U.S. CENTER MOTEL, Smith Center KS

Smith Center styled itself as “The Heart of Uncle Sam” – a reference to its geographical position, not at sort of role in a metaphorical circular system. (Apparently the actual center of the country is in nearby Lebanon.) The town – named for a Civil War Major, Nathan Central – is your typical middle-of-America plains hamlet, and I’m gratified to learn that the U.S. Central still exists.

This particular photo was taken by Jim Clark, who ran “Clark’s Studio”  in Smith Center. Those were the days, no? Every small town of a certain size had a photography studio.

The plinth by the sign still stands; can't tell from the picture, but I'll bet that was an affinity group sign, like Congress or Quality.

There once was a website for the U.S. Center Motel. I'm pretty sure some robots wrote it on behalf of the motel without asking permission.

Situated on one of the oldest wharfs in the nation, the clean lines and classical shape ofUS Center Motel at downtown Way bring together the waterfront's colonial past and its vibrant present. Built on the site of a 17th century battery, US Center Motel at nearby the city center is proud to be part of the quaint shops and stunning restaurants that compose the revitalized downtown Way.


All of our rooms are luxury accommodations featuring a city skyline and great view, and are located on the 8th through the 16th floor.

US Center Motel at nearby the city center, offers the most luxurious accommodations on the waterfront. Stay with us to experience the city's richest comforts in Nearby the city center.