50th ON THE LAKE, Chicago Il


50th and South Lake Shore Drive, to be specific. The 50th had 301 lines, and was touted as the “Mid-west’s largest and most luxurious.” I have no doubt they dispatched agents throughout the land on a monthly basis to ensure the validity of the claim.

Dig those light fixtures – an example in the lower right-hand corner looks like Fiestaware stacked on an ice cream cone.

Nice sign.  It seems you could reach it from the diving board, too.

Do they still have tall diving boards with steeply-raked steps at motel swimming pools anymore? I doubt it; motel pool-diving, like bowling, seems to be one of those middle-class pastimes no longer in vogue.

The motel also provided gender-specific enclosures where self-conscious bathers could squat and observe the gaiety.