Can't find it. A Google search reveals a corporate address that goes to a residential neighborhood. "Edge of Town" is a concept constantly redefined by progress, adn the directions of "1/2 east of Fort Collins on Highway 14" aren't helpful, either. Odd building; looks like a barn fell down.

Ah well. If only the card's sender had sent a message to the future!

Wait. Did I look at what she wrote? "Staying next to the Charcoal Broiler Restaurant." It's still around. And next door . . . (You may have to zoom.)

Looks like the old wing's still there, with the rest absorbed by the new motel.

NOTE from a reader: "East of Fort Collins on Highway 14' was ear-conic in radio ads for the Charco Broiler, which I was never wealthy enough to eat at. The phrase was repeated so often, I used it as a gag line in a story I wrote for my spelling assignment in second grade, about going to the moon. 'To get to the moon, I went east of Fort Collins on Highway 14...'

The class bullies laughed, and kept on being bullies."