"500 YARDS FROM DISNEYLAND," the card says, and that says it all. This card, dated 1959, was sent from Gladys to Mrs. Beiderman. She wrote:

Hi! Made 2 trips to PO and finally got a letter from you Delighted to hear from you. I have to have a penicillin shot for pleurisy. It was 106 at Yuma and quite cool on coast. We went to Knott's Berry Farm this afternoon.

This is one of the great signs in this collection - you know exactly where you are when you see something like this. By God, you're in AMERICA. Your car weighs nine tons and day is sunny and nothing can possibly go wrong. Except for a little pleurisy, but we got shots for that.

It may not look like the same place today, but the aerial view shows a pool that looks exactly like the pool on the postcard.