Gone now - since I first put up this site the Google street view image changed from an view of the exterior to the construction that replaced it. Why did it close? Well, to quote from the reviews:

BED BUGS!!! BED BUGS!!!DONT STAY HERE!!!!. This had to be the WORST hotel I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

There’s more, including one that called it the Pacific Scabs Motel. More ewwwviews:

Do Not Stay Here!!! Bed Bugs!!

OMG biggest cockroaches by the thousands!

Disgusting craphole

Worst experience of my whole life

 Avoid at all costs... - A TripAdvisor Member - Jun 18, 2006 "No a/c and 'goo' oozing down the walls were just the initial impression we got when we arrived."

Hell on Earth

Disgusting beyond imagination

I still shudder when I think of this place