SAND and SAGE MOTEL, Riverside CA


I thought it was gone. The address is 1971 8th street, and I couldn't find any corresponding address. Then I rechecked something sent by a visitor to this site:

"I can't believe you have the Sage & Sand Motel in Riverside, California. I stayed there my first night in Riverside in 1975, when I was scoping out the place where I would end up going to grad school. Interestingly, the motel is still there, although the entire length of University Avenue has gone from being a red light district to being yuppified to the max. The Sage & Sand has survived without renovation, and is still a fabulous time capsule in pink brick and dark green and turquoise paint.

"Incidentally, I have no recollection of my stay there, other than that I did. The place hooked me because it looked cleaner and classier than all the other whore stables along the street. It is still clean and well cared-for. Thanks for the reminder."

Happy to oblige. University avenue, did you say? And there it is.