DOWNTOWNER, Chattanooga TN



Doesn't look like downtown at all, does it? That's because this was Urban Renewal. From the local paper:

By 1965, the demolition and excavation phases of the West Side Urban Renewal project were mostly complete.   Many houses, businesses, and churches had been removed, with owners and tenants being forced to find other accommodations.  Cameron Hill had been “contoured,” as some of the announcements of the excavation had read, to promote redevelopment.  The Olgiati Bridge and freeway provided a new route into downtown through the newly-named Golden Gateway.


Gradually, the newness of the Golden Gateway area began to fade, joining the status of the portions of downtown which had not been renovated.  A less-busy downtown translated into vacancies at the Downtowner.   The parent corporation was affected by similar declines of central business districts across the U.S.

Look around. Makes you wonder what they wrecked.