MOTEL 6, Milwaukee WI


Well, you get what you pay for. At least its classic look - i.e, bare-bones utilitarian unadorned no-frills basic blank concrete human-shed - let it age gracefullly, inasmuch as it had no grace to lose at all.


Only 1 towel in the room and we had to beg for more-- and they are so tiny and thin

Why was there gum on the headboard?

The beds were not made after we came back in the morning-all the maid did was throw another SINGLE towel and washcloth on the bathroom sink. Nothing else

The beds were like a sack of potatoes to lie on or better yet a gravel road would have been more comfortable. There is no hair dryer. An old TV; no clock radio; no coffee maker. NO NOTHING!!! The hallways are filthy and stained

Other guests thought it was just fine.