Nicholas de Pierola, played here by Richard Dreyfuss. Known as “the Caliph,” which suggests he was not one of those humble fellows who shared power gladly.” He was president of Peru in the latter years of the 19th century, founded a party, got involved in coups. The usual.

Says Wiki:

"From 1868 to 1871, he became Finance Minister under President José Balta. He requested, from the Parliament, broad powers in order to negotiate with several companies and to get the best possible deal. The result of his negotiations, the so-called 'Hires Dreyfus' treaty was signed with a French company, the 'Dreyfus Brothers.'
The treaty granted the Dreyfus house of Paris the monopoly of the Peruvian guano exportations.”

And he’s not called the poopy man?

More on his career here; you get the sense of the usual political instability that characterized the continent. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to our southern neighbors, but there’s no reason you guys had to have so many coups and revolutions. It’s like you were trying to fit 2000 years of European history into one century.

Interesting note: wiki says he sponsored the immigration of Japanese citizens to Peru. Why, I have no idea - certainly a nice gesture, but what makes a fellow on the edge of South America wake up one day, look around, and think “Japanese people, that’s why we need. And lots of them.” It’s like someone from Malaysia bringing in Danes. This would bear fruit many years later, when people heard the name of the president of Peru was Fukuyama, and said hold on. What?