Victor Raul Haya de la Torre. It’s like a strongman version of the Fat Bastard: Hey! You! GET IN MA PRISONS! Haya de la Torre founded the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance, a name that almost guarantees they ended up unpopular and entrenched.

Under personal life, this:

“The Peruvian leader was best known for his lack of love interests. This may be resumed in his famous phrase uttered to APRA members: El APRA es mi mujer y ustedes son mis hijos ('The Apra is my wife and you [the members] are my children'). However, rumours of homosexuality were scattered around the country during and after his life by his political enemies, generally in a crudely homophobic fashion.

“In the end, Haya has never been found to have had either male or female sexual partners.”

Well, that doesn't cover all the bases, you know.