Santiago De Chuco, the home of the poet. Says a translated page:

"Ever met Paris, the famous Louvre Museum, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and the Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower went up and I look at the bridges to see how the river Seine was taking on water reflects the unfinished towers of Notre Dame and historical episodes of the French Revolution. But that did not know the world, because there was not born César Vallejo."

How true. He continues:

"Santiago de Chuco is a city, as always figured, because the sky and the land where I was born. Santiago is an Andean city of Peru, winding streets and houses with roofs of two waters, with red tiles, and a eucalyptus aroma exultant vain pacharosas and modest, with wild birds and Ritas with the flavor of the place Andean rods, a city of magnet men of a unique telluric forces, filled with religious and ethical wisdom in how to provide day to dignity in their hats and ponchos.

"So I said, I say to the four winds now know about the world, around the world, because in Santiago de Chuco in Peru, one of its streets, one of their homes or their places, one born of the poet genius of the world in Spanish, the language of Cervantes and Mio Cid.

"Yes, because in Santiago de Chuco, who might know and now know, was born poet César Vallejo, who died in Paris, but immortal dead."