J. M Carrera, major figure in the fight for independence. Says the 1911 Britannica:

His vigorous character and military experience enabled him by means of a series of coup d'etats to place himself at the head of the nationalist government.

Personally, I’m happy to live in a country whose early years were not characterized by a series of coup d’etats. The entry notes that he fought with B. O. Higgins, and that his efforts to help the country were undercut by “his selfish, arrogant spirit.”

Him? That sweetheart? I cannot believe it. Eventually he left Chile and attempted to drum up some arms in the United States for yet another coup d’etat, but he was barred from entering the country. Fine, he said: I’ll foment rebellion in Argentina, then.

And that’s where he was shot. Chilean money: no one made it out alive.  Who, then, should represent the nation for the ages?