It's Zephraim Cochrane! No, sorry. It's a sequel to Empire of the Atom, in case you were worried. The plot:

A war between humanity and an extraterrestrial race known as the Riss had led to the decay of the solar system, and the mutated human genius Clane Linn had defeated the hordes of the barbarian chief Czinczar, as described in the prequel. Linn repudiated Czinczar's exhortation to usurp control of the Linn Empire. After realizing the technological retardation of humanity, he conceives a plan to go on an interstellar expedition in search of technological restoration, to eventually rescue humanity.

So that's the mutated genius there, wearing the barbarian's helmet. Or it's a product of decayed human ingenuity, which thought it would be a great idea to put a tall fin on a helmet that turned your head slightly to one side as you rode.

This being 1962, he is wearing the official crew-neck of space fiction.