Amazon reviewer:

What makes 'Edge Of Time' compelling are the concepts that having now made a microuniverse, the scientists find that they can slow it up which enables members of the team to telepathically link with intelligent lifeforms within and start living their lives. However due to the massive time difference between the two universes, the scientists find that they're living whole lifetimes in their 'avatars' when only a few hours or days have passed in the real world. It's certainly a great idea which predates James Cameron's Avatar by five decades.

So the answer to the cover's question is "sure."

A sci-fi radio drama of the time concerned microuniverses scientists created to escape planetary destruction. It must have been one of those vogues that sweep through a genre from time to time, like giggling hitmen in detective fiction of whatever-whatever in romance novels. Microuniverses. You'd be so small!

Think what you could get away with, the reader wonders.