If it's on Venus, you know this is an old book gussied up with a new cover. At least Venus isn't a hot jungle with dinosaurs.

But tanks? Well, Harry Borgman did what he could, and the perspective's interesting. He gives you three levels of action - the ship in the foreground, the fighters in the middle, the tanks below. You could imagine this as a frame from a movie you'd like to see.

Harry's still kicking at 88, as he likes to say on his blog.


The plot and its developments are dull and predictable: men land on Venus, George goes exploring, meets girl, mysteries are answered, happy ending, roll credits

Battle on Venus is another forgettable Ace Double entry. I didn’t have high hopes for it, just a fun adventure yarn of Venusian conflict, but it still managed to fall short. It’s a very standard, very predictable, very by-the-numbers novel.

And the writing's dull.

The original cover was much better, fif you ask me.