Was he a man with shoes or a man with gloves? Was he a cat with a tail or a cat with ears?

Says the Sci-Fi encyclopedia:

Almost all their work together expressed a sense – one formally presented by the Centric Foundation which they founded and directed – that scientific breakthroughs could be made by young minds freed of the bureaucratic artifices of orthodox scientific thinking; unfortunately, overloaded Space-Opera plotting did little to make their novels convincing emblems of this new clarity, and the exaggerated individualism they expressed seemed less mould-breaking than nostalgic.

Leeeetle bit of Ayn Rand in the mix, perhaps. Or perhaps it says something about the entry's author that individualism would be nostalgic if it was exaggerated.

The Centric Foundation? Well, there's a Tri-Centric Foundation, but it's not the same. As for the cover - if this was a Jetsons episode, that would be a casino specializing in roulette.