Darth Spider.

The name sounds like some Yank-type guy chewing on a cigar while he banged out a yarn. the editor calls. SAM! HOW'S IT GOING?

Ahh, it's going. Trying to work robot spiders into the plot. I got the cover art, and it's got goddamn robot spiders. I mean, they have six legs, not eight, but they're still robot spiders.

He was really a Swede.

He debuted as a writer in the 1950s for Häpna!. During the 1960s he was active as a photographer and freelance writer. He also produced the LP Visor i vår tid. In 1968, he worked as a television producer for Sveriges Radio and made a series about science fiction. In 1969, he published his first book-length work on science fiction, Science Fiction: Från begynnelsen till våra dagar. This landed him a job at Askild & Kärnekull (A&K) as an editor for their science fiction books. He subsequently translated this work into English, where it was published in the US in 1971 as Science Fiction: What It's All About.