Awful cover. The plot:

A Malthusian glance at an overpopulated 23rd century, where resources are dwindling, agriculture isn't getting the job done, and collapse is iminent. Into this nightmarish world comes Gary Fitch, a recluse who has not seen the outside world for 15 years. He, and he alone, has been assigned the task of bringing to this chaotic society some kind of order. And as he seems on the brink of success, a new outbreak of plague threatens to bring the entire house of cards crashing down.

They loved these books in the 70s. It was our inevitable future. Add a "Conspiracy," another thrillling word that moved the merch, and you had the perfect book for young cynics. 'Cause everything sucks! You see "Six Days of the Condor?" Yeah.

The cover, by the way, was by Jack Gaughan, who had different styles, and did better than this.