No, that's not Frazetta. In fact - well,, let's go to wikipedia.

Jeffrey Catherine Jones (born January 10, 1944 – May 19, 2011) was an American artist whose work is best known from the late 1960s through 2000s. Jones provided over 150 covers for many different types of books through 1976, as well as venturing into fine art during and after this time. World-renowned illustration artist Frank Frazetta called Jones "the greatest living painter". Although Jones first achieved fame as simply Jeff Jones and lived for a time as male, she later changed her name and was legally recognized as female.

As for "living for a time," that seems to have extended from 1944 to 1998. More:

She began hormone replacement therapy in 1998, and set out upon a new phase of life as a woman, changing her name to Jeffrey Catherine Jones. Yet even this transition did not bring peace to this gentle, troubled artist, for in 2001, she suffered a nervous breakdown, which led to the loss of her home and studio. However, she eventually recovered, and by 2004 began painting and drawing again.

Jones died in 2011.