That damned Omega-Man typeface again. How I dislike it. Amazon review:

In Beyond Capella John Rackman tells the story of Edward Kent Kane, a lieutenant in the Space Service who is promoted to commander so he can take an experimental space ship out for a test run. The brass at the Space Service hope the ship will turn the tide in the war against a species that have never been seen; only their war ships. Four scientists who developed these systems go along for the ride. One is an attractive, but forceful woman; something normally forbidden on a war ship. Kane manages to get into conflict with all four at one time or another, especially the woman.

The reviewer also notes:

Although I like hypothetical science in Scifi, I think Rackman spends too much time explaining his fantasy science. Then he has his spaceship stand still in space. Standing still in space is a meaningless concept since there is no point of reference, and it always bugs me when a science fiction author does this

I'm afraid to ask why you can't be motionless in space. I feel stupid not knowing which part of that is wrong or right.