YES. YES HE COULD or there wouldn't be any book.

The collage style - you like it or you don't. Not a lot of hands go up when you ask for unabashed admirers. It's very late 60s / early 70s, and hence is Hip and Psychedelic, as if the author was repeating images revealed by drug experimentation. Actually, it was just a way of making art jobs for people who couldn't draw.

Synopsis, from Amazon review:

The protagonistis transported to an abandoned galactic waystation out among the stars. His only companions, to begin with, are a free robot and a fellow transportee who just happens to be a dinosaur.

By dint of programming knowledge that by Galactic rights he shouldn't have he is able to wangle Galactic technical training from the very lost and confused master computer running the station, and so he and his companions are off to discover what happened to the station, and to Galactic Civilization.

Galactic Civilizations seem unlikely, if you ask me. It's a lot to do. So many details. If it was run by self-replicating robots without morals, that would be another thing entirely.