Only a day? Not even a weekend?


The human race was rushing towards the brink of destruction, as huge global forces massed to strike at each other with all the awesome power of modern war weapons. war threats screamed from headlines, radio and television ... and in a small, seemingly unimportant city in Africa, a group of men worked on a discovery and a plan that was to affect Earth's entire future.

They had developed a new type of creature - androids who were only the size of dolls, and apparently limited in intelligence. Yet they seemed to have a strange effect on the personalities of humans. So far there were only a few score of the androids - but in time they were fated to inherit the Earth.

If that doesn't whet your appetite for the Day of the Dolls, how about this review:

Dolls with dormant A.I. slowly emerge from the ashes with little detail to offer a coherent transition as to the basic who, what, when, where and how. The storyline meanders through community development and the typical power struggles within.. including the introduction of ESP, mind-control, dolls on a hydrofoil to an island of stranded humans, generational fast-forwarding and assorted other intrigue that seem to appear without reason.

It might be a collection of stories, which would explain the disconnect. Nothing sounds particularly interesting, except for ESP dolls driving hydrofoils. Even then, there's a problem: dolls. No guy wants to read about dolls.