Nice to know the good ol' USA is still around, 30 years from now. Reviews:

It has an absolutely brilliant premise, but unfortunately the execution doesn't live up to it.

Wouldn't be the first time. It goes on to summarize the plot:

The future Earth is decadent, nothing new has been invented for a thousand years, women are enslaved, and everyone is under the control of “The Technon” a computer. Earth is in a state of cold war with the colonial Centauri league, who are under the control of malevolent telepathic aliens.

But that's in the year 7047. When the ship started out in 2047 things were fine, but it turns out their hyperdrive ship erred, so they ended up in the future. The reviewer says that the characters were flat and cliche, which seems to be my experience with a lot of sci-fi of the era. The concepts are great. The execution is banal.

Glad there's Saturn on the cover, or people might mistake this for a western.