It's the attack of the Men from the Planet of the Office!

Another 1930s serial revived for the credible customer. Does this sound familiar?

The story is the first to feature Campbell's hero Aarn Munro. This space opera novel concerns the harnessing of energy from the sun and encounters with aliens who turn out not to be truly alien at all. It also touches on the legends of ancient civilizations on earth, Mu in this case, and what may have happened to them.

Yeah, we'd be seeing thatt one again.

Question: why would galaxies go to war? Isn't there enough to plunder in your neighborhood? IT would be disappointing to pacify the universe by persuasion, and gather everyone into a peaceful coaltion of voluntary, cooperative effort - and then you get invaded by the brutes next door. Good news: it'll take them 1,791 years to get here, but still, it's annoying.