Interesting cover, no? The princess or queen is either observing the world with her robot consort or exacting its destruction.

One synoposis: "From somewhere out of Time come a swarm of Robots who inflict on New York the awful vengeance of the diabolical cripple Tugh."

Sounds like 20s pulp. Checking the bio . . . yes indeed. Ray Cummings was one of the "founding fathers" of sci-fi, and had worked as a personal asistant ot Thomas Edison.

The later years: "During the 1940s, with his fiction career in eclipse, Cummings anonymously scripted comic book stories for Timely Comics, the predecessor to Marvel Comics. He recycled the plot of The Girl in the Golden Atom, for a two-part Captain America tale, "Princess of the Atom".

Here's a synopsis of the second part:

Cap and Bucky avoid the acid by changing size and then board a size change ship which takes them to Mita, the microworld. Unknown to Bucky, a shrunken Togaro has hitched a ride on his cuff. He plots to use his own size change ship to destroy Mita and take his men back to Earth for conquest. He causes his size change ship to grow so large that it throws Mita out of its orbit into the sun. The population panics, but Cap uses their size change ship to grow large enough to house them and they pursue Togaro back to Earth. Cap and Bucky take enough of the enlarging drug to defeat Togaro and his giants.

It's awesome if you're 12.