She looks familiar. A young sunburned Shirley MacLaine?

You get the feeling that Mr. Boucher hadn't been impressed with the sci-fi genre since for years. Even his own work.


On the planet of the star Lalande 21185, known to Terrans as Ormazd, the dominant humanoid species is organized into hive societies much like those of Earth's ants and bees. In each community a hyper-fertile queen and a handful of male drones are responsible for reproduction, while all other tasks are performed by sterile female workers.

This status quo is disrupted by the arrival of the Paris, an exploratory spacecraft of Earth's space authority. Its mixed crew of socially equal and universally fertile males and females opens up other possibilities to the natives, and particularly to Iroedh, a scholarly worker from the community of Elham.

WIkipedia notes that "Rogue Queen is important in the history of science fiction for breaking the genre's taboo on sexual themes, paving the way for more daring works."

Also more books where a guy whips a lizard hackshawk driver.