Florida's most powerful Ebony Voice, eh. Or, if you want another term, the stations with Negro Appeal.

McLendon was an interesting fellow. From his bio:

For a time he owned a converted fishing boat in the North Sea which beamed into Sweden and other European countries. In 1960 McLendon and his close friend Clint Murchison owned Radio Nord which broadcast from an offshore facility that was called a pirate radio station by the Swedish government because it was located on board a radio ship and outside of their legal jurisdiction. When that venture came to an end the vessel was brought back to Galveston, Texas where the ship remained for a year until it was leased to a British operation.

The new 1964 station was called Radio Atlanta (after McLendon's home town). Unfortunately due to blunders in keeping the project secret, these plans were shared with Jocelyn Stevens, editor of Queen magazine in London, who was a financial supporter of another station, Radio Caroline

Because it's Wikipedia, where standards vary, it's hard to see what all that means.