In 1912 t was the tallest building in Texas, an honor it would relinquish in 1922. Did it have presidents? Sure. Is it haunted? So they say:

The hotel is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a jilted bride, who has been seen wandering the 19th floor of the hotel. She was due to be married one day during the 1930s, but her fiancé didn't show, leaving the bride-to-be embarrassed and broken-hearted. Later that day her body was found, hanging a few feet from the spot where she was due to say her vows.

Uh huh. The dolphy name, by the way, comes from the man who . . . well, produced the building, if you wish. He commanded it be built and put up the scratch, something he had in buckets: Adlphus Busch.