We emd here. This is the last issue I could find, and the cover's badly mauled. I've repaired it as best as I could.

Professor Dunderberry Dean - yes, really - has appealed to Frank to use his latest airship to track a comet.

This leads Frank to consider the problems of travel in outer space.

Once they get up in space, they lose control of the vessel and start drifting away from earth. There's the obligatory flaming asteroid encounter. They discover a stowaway, the mind-reader Rinaldo, who is convinced he will be able to talk to spirits in space, and revolutionize the way people think about life and death.

Rinaldo ends up throwing himself off the ship, because he's mad. He's also depressed. Everyone's depressed. They're stuck in space for weeks on end, and seem unlikely to return to earth. Eventually Frank fires up the Attracomotor again, just in case it works differently this time, and voila: they head back to earth. No explanation. But now there's different sort of peril, because the rotoscope dynamo's busted.

Not to fear. Frank has equipped the Shooting Star with an enormous parachute. Then they have to fight some natives after they land in South America, because a story about going into space isn't enough.


And thus our time with Frank ends.

Or does it?