So . . . the fellows in robes atop the mini-butte are dead?

And what happened to Pomp? Has he been replaced by a Chineee? Can Sam Sin do a Pigeon Wing, and does he have daily fistfights with his good friend Barney the Celt?

Don't worry. Sam is a friend of Pomp, and we meet him straight away.

Jaysus. Well, Sam wants to find a magic island in the China Sea, and as it happens Frank was just planning a trip in the Electric Mole to tour the China Sea, so off they go in his new vessel. What's it like?

You wonder if Frank kept wrecking his vehicles so he could pursue his true passion, interior design.

The stirring conclusion:

Even when the craft survives, Frank burns out the engines. Next time pay attention to the oil light, genius.