Barney! Pomp! Ever heard of "false consciousness?" Ever thought you're identifying with your opporessor instead of those with whom you have true common cause? No? You're right, Frank's got better grub and softer beds.

"Barney and Pomp realized that it was only a question of ammunition." Dwell on that for a while.

Noname begins the story without the customary blather. No explorer showing up to ask for his help. No Barney cutting a pigeon wing. Right to the invention:

They go to Antarctica, and fight Indians on the way. Navigators are rescued. One dies, and is buried in the ice as a fitting tribute to his stalwart, brave spirit. Then they floor it for home:


At lesat it wasn't blown up. Just "worn out." Another expenditure that earned Frank nothing. He never takes money for his labors.

That would sully science, somehow.