The Gallant Rescue we set in the inset picture was the rescue of a grizzled old salt by a newspaperman, Mr. Small. The old sailor says "I must repay you. Let us now go drink excessively." He tells the tale of a mysterious unknwn sea.

It's a difficult concept to get your head around these days. How can a body of water be unknown at this late date? But the world was still a mysterious place, and for all the reader knew there were many places like this - uncharted islands with vast interior seas.

I've noticed that Pomp and Barney do the same thing lately when Frank announces an adventure:

Always the handspring for the Celt, and the Pigeon Wing for Pomp.

Well, Frank gets into the game, and goes to the Unknown Sea to know it. The journalist goes along, and they find A) another journalist, and B) gold, of course. Does the ship survive the excursion?

I wonder if it ever occured to Frank that he might want to build his ships to withstand a bit more stress.