"An unlooked for thing occurred." Noname's at his peak here.

This story concerns the Sky Pilot's attempt to rescue two idiots who were going around the world by bicycle. They disappeared in "Asia," so Frank and a detective had to fly over to, you know, ASIA, and find them. In Asia. Where in Asia? Oh, over in the darkest part, about which is known the least. And then they end up in in that other part of Asia, deepest darkest Turkey, where a shell brings down the Pilot.

I guess the Armenians also had a rep for building flying machines. Well:

The story concludes with Frank suing the Turks for the cost of his vessel, then boarding a ship for New York. Somehow he will invent and construct an entirely new device by the time the next issue is due. What will it be? Can't be an airship; just did that. Just did a sub. Probably an overland vehicle. Never occurs to Noname to make it something really different, like a machine that bores into the earth, or something that goes to the Moon.

Perhaps the readers would have thought that preposterous.