Indeed they did. This brochure invited anyone from a province or state to make the trek to the capital of Manitoba - the Minnesota of Canada! - and shop at this enormous store. Almost 900,000 square feet of retail. The world's 10th largest department store. It reminds me of the role Dayton's had in Minneeapolis, or Hudson's in Detroit, or any other big city that boasted an enormous emporium.

This Flickr site says:

For many years, the Downtown Winnipeg Eaton's store was considered the most successful department store in the world, given how it dominated its local market. As late as the 1960s, Canadian Magazine estimated that Winnipeggers spent more than 50 cents of every shopping dollar (excluding groceries) at Eaton's, and that on a busy day, one out of every ten Winnipeggers would visit the Portage Avenue store.

Let's see what Eaton's has to offer.