Music cues. The show used snippets from the inexhaustible CBS Music EZ-CUE library. It’s the soundtrack for the post-war domestic engineer’s daily life.


All’s well that ends well!  
A life of pleasant sophistication:  
Sixs and sevens! Some days everything just all happens at once.  
The All’s Well cue again, with the closing theme. I’ve played this here before, but I think this is the complete version. I’m still trying to figure out those first four fast notes - it’s almost as if they’re plucked. At :35 it goes into the B theme. Listen to that bass line starts to strut here; the music becomes somewhat comic and bumbling, and ends with some bluster on the horns. Whether or not it’s intentional, it’s the husband’s theme. And then it goes back to the capable, pretty, sensible main theme.  
Worrisome complications have ensued, and it is making people walk back and forth with their hands behind their backs.  
Perhaps the ultimate mocking-waa-waa horns, ending with a fillip of “The Sorceror’s Apprentice.”  
Normal cheery everyday events, summed up with a quote from “Bingo was his Name-O” suddenly interrupted a tiny hammerschlag and comic mocking waa-waa horns:  
A standard domestic theme filtered somehow through early William Walton: