I’d hate to be the Plant Drip, but I could see the virtues in being a Success Dynamo. For one thing, you’d get the favors of shallow harridans like Betty, provided you could dish it out in the same portions you took it, and strike your employees hard enough to send them to the floor. Management material, that boy! He’s a real comer. Kick out the teeth of a few more Bolsheviks, and you will get a cigar and another woman. Thanks, Boss! I'll use my new muscles and inflated sense of self to keep order through the threats of violence and the occasional judicious application of the same. That's my lad.

Note the artist: C. C. Beck. Minnesota Native, U of Minn grad, Fawcett house artist, famous Captain Marvel illustrator. His boss had a house down the street from where I live, so I’ve probably walked down the same sidewalk as Beck. In fact I’ve been in the house, so I’ve probably walked through the same doorway. Remind me to punch someone hard next time I’m in the neighborhood.

At least Betty came with birth-control pills.