Obligatory Nazi Story. This is an illo for a tale of “the Mata Hari Teachers Who Tripped up 3 Nazi Spies.” It’s called “a fictionalized version of a true incident.”

“For 2 weeks the 3 young American teachers, on a vacation in London, behaved like harlots in order to find out what Plans the Nazis had Hatched to take over England.” You have to love that Fritz in the middle, looking at us with an expression that either says “I know you’re going to beat us, and I am grimly resolved to the fact, and it’s just my luck I don’t even get a member of the Harlot-Educator Community to salve my pain” or “I am the artist, and I really enjoy looking in the mirror then painting myself as a fascist debaucher.”

I count four Mata Hari school teachers. Maybe they brought along a substitute for training.