The article's speculation to the contrary, it doesn’t stand to reason that the diminishing size of bathing suits necessarily leads to nudism, any more than nudism inevitably leads to flaying off your skin and running around with your skeleton showing.

Aside from Bony Perkins in the middle and a few plumber's crevasses, there isn’t any nudistry here, just the usual big black bars across naughty parts. For which we dearly give thanks.

Five years later, Rev. Ilsley Boone would take his right to mail nudism material through the mails all the way to the Supreme Court. No, let me rephrase that – five years later, Boone would take to the Court a case concerning his right to send nudism material through the mail. Although maybe the justices were naked under their robes; who’d know? Anyway, his name is revered in modern nudism circles; they even named a travelling award after him. Google any of that stuff at your own risk, pal.

(Clair Huffaker was an author of note; she wrote the screenplays for many movies, and wrote  yee-hah Western novels as well.)