This is not one of those “What’s Wrong with this Picture” picture; it’s a “What’s wrong with you that you like this picture” picture. Oh, you can appreciate it for its utter ridiculousness; that’s what Stagworld is all about. But really, if this makes you tingly, you have problems.

This of course is the art that goes along with the Swastika Slave Girls, etc., story. “Innocent women vanished every day, snatched off the streets to serve the recruits of South America’s neo-Nazi army – until a private eye from Chicago waged a wild vendetta that ripped Buenos Aires wide apart!”

It was easy to tell the private eye from the other residents of the city, since he was the only one wearing a trench coat in the middle of summer. Maybe it’s winter, and the tony-curtis type in the background just felt as though his shirt was chafing him. Mind if I take it off, senorita? Whatever; you’re the neo-Nazi.

I cast Hugh O’Brien as the shamus, and Sal Mineo as the limp-cig Nazi-branded chick binder.