Everyone loves the pull-my-finger gag!

From the looks of it, this was one king-hell reefer party; these folks look as baked as cafeteria lasagna. But of course they weren’t stoned, just shoddily drawn. What, you might ask, was the point of this little volume? To give its owner a ready store of zippy japery, the sort of thing to drop on the boys at the barbershop or amuse the “gang” when they came over for bridge. Yes, you too can be the “life of the party” when you peel off one threadbare tale after the other. Since many rely on the difference between the printed word and the way it’s heard, half your jokes will fall dead on their face; the others will be met with polite smiles, glances at watches, and the general shifting of buttocks.

Read on, and prepare to memorize! There’s comedy gold waiting for you, and it’s brought to you by –

Well, we’ll get to that.