Creative, in the economic climate of the 70s, meant “hammering bottlecaps flat and using them as shingles.” Creative meant “sprinkling sugar on packing-crate Styrofoam and handing them out on Halloween as albino circus peanuts.” Creative meant: you’re broke from oil shocks and recession, and you can’t buy the nice new stuff you want.

So one might expect that this book is full of practical suggestions. On the contrary: it’s indistinguishable from every other book in the Institute’s collection. But it’s one of our favorites, for reasons we can’t quite divine. Perhaps it’s the black & yellow color combo: bitchin’! as we used to say, under our breath, when our parents weren’t listening.

As for the title of this chapter, it’s our homage to a 70s shampoo whose name implied you should thrust your nose into women’s follicles and praise them for their olfactory accomplishments.

There’s no shampoo in these pages, but you’ll want to wash off anyway.