Gravity Spot Room! Notice how the laws of physics - and perspective - seem amazingly warped in this novel space. Stand in one corner, and the room seems to list, to spread, to expand as though defying gravity itself! Even the cans - the all-important hanging cans, at the bottom of which lie an undisturbed graveyard of paperclips, rubber bands, expired stamps - hang perfectly straight - but still seem to lean to the side!

As for that junk in the right-hand corner, it was part of the 70s trend for authentic, back-to-nature items, preferably ones that had been commercially made, machine-dyed, distributed through a chain store. Whenever you saw this in a house, you were tempted to give it a whack and see a choking cloud of dust, mites and dead skin cells rise up and coat the furniture.

In fact, if no one ever dusted this room, then that feathery thing might still bear the skin cells of a young impressionable girl who had an aching crush on Bobby Sherman . . . we could clone her - create millions of them - let them roam free in a preserve somewhere: Hysteric Park. We have the technology!