It's quick and easy only after you've found the Brobdignagian skillet and converted it into a stand-up bass for some trippy reason that'll seem really stupid once the shrooms wear off.

This is a charming little book, intended to help young adults have a simulacrum of a civilized experience. They'll have parties like their parents' have, without the long bitter arguments afterwards where everything just comes out, as if the gaiety of the previous event had put such a strain on their emotions they could no longer govern their thoughts or throttle their words, and recriminations that went back ten years spilled out like a sack of rotten fish guts, and everyone ended the night in mute shock wondering if it could ever be put back together again.

But that's years away! For now, all you need to worry about is whether Billy will want to sit next to Suzy. He should be sitting next to you. He's supposed to. He should know that by now. If he doesn't, brother, you'll have some choice words for him.