Calvin’s happy, as well he should be; Jenny’s happy too. And why not? Plucked from rural obscurity to national fame - just the ticket for shooing Old Man Depression out the door. Note Jenny’s use of the word “receipts” for recipes - this local colloquialism gives her more credibility, makes her Just Folks.

Aunt Jenny notes one of Spry’s most famous attributes: it’s digestible. This would seem an odd thing to note about a cooking substance; it’s almost like saying “an’ a body can eat it all up without gettin’ the grips, or throwin’ it up in a black sinking mess on the tiles, too.” But she has a powerful pride for Spry’s digestibility; you can imagine that she repeats the word while cooking. It’s a good baking mantra - round, pliable, the sort of word your tongue loves to knead. Digestible. Digestible. Digestible.

So happy are Jenny and Calvin that they don’t note a rather disturbing feature: the cover of her book features the two of them in the exact same pose, discussing the book. How is this possible? Are they playing out some little marital game? Perhaps the book was printed weeks ago. Months ago. Last year. But when Jenny’s feeling a little, well, down, Calvin says “I reckon you need a little bout of Cover Posing, Jen.” She picks up a pie, he puts on the special Cover Suit - worn only on these occasions, now - and they pretend to revisit the moment when the recipe book - the receipt book - first arrived.