Surprising words from a milk retailer, eh? It’s typical of the copy, which has that earnest, scientific tone common to the era. It’s as if you have a civic duty to drink milk, and a moral obligation to use the fruits of Western Science:

“Every Knudsen plant represents the ultimate in efficiency and cleanliness. Only the most modern dairy processing equipment is used, and each processing operating is performed by skilled personally under the direction of highly-specialized supervision.” Thereby proving that the imporance of milk can, in fact, be over-emphasized.

Here’s something to think about: that boy is now in his mid fifties. Providing he drank his milk! Otherwise he's probably dead.


Why? You have to ask? Because our clip-art chemists interrogate blue fluids at eye level, that’s why!

Says the text: “One of the busiest departments of the Knudson Creamery Co. is its ultra-modern research laboratory; here, a select group of food technicians keep constant vigil over existing products to guard the high quality product standards of the Knudsen Creamery Co. and to develop new appetite-pleasing dairy products.”

That was 1958: people could not only use the word “ultra-modern” with a straight face, but they could use it to describe milk. You can practically see Jetson-style cows flying around the barn with little rockets strapped to their midsection.

If that flask ever starts talking, he's all ready to take dictation.