Main element contained therein: Kidney Beans.

Personally, I don't eat anything that's the same color as a 1997-era computer.

That concludes our journey into Gel-Cookery, TV style. Keep in mind that the show only featured the dishes being made - and then whisked, fully chilled, from the fridge. What they didn't show was the hours between construction and consumption. The moment when the housewife put the dish in the gleaming white Fridgedaire, looked at the clock to see if it would be ready for supper, mentally calculated the time until the kids came home, then realized that three hours of chores laid ahead and only two hours remained. It was enough to make a lady drink a Pink Squirrel in mid-afternoon, say To Heck With It! and let the house just BE for a day. Sit down. Turn on the TV and watch Merv. Maybe he'll sing; he's funny when he sings. Dot down the block is probably watching Merv; she has a lady who comes in three times a week to clean . . .and of course, she doesn't have any kids . . .but of course, she drinks. Still, she seems happy and all, and if her husband is bothered by anything HE doesn't show it, being a doctor and all. Probably carrying on with a nurse, though . . .poor Dot.