A very America pedigree. No inherited titles. (Inherited businesses, sure; Philip got his practice from his father.) Her father was a scientist. She wrote articles and designed stage settings and did charity and raised two boys. She also developed this most interesting new recipe.

Did everyone call her Missusphilip, or did she have a first name? Yes. Virginia Snelgrove, who was married to Mr. M for 54 years.

But, you ask, wasn[t she the daughter of Albert Michaelson, scientist? No. That was her husband. From the obit:

Philip was the grandson of the late George W. Maher, a well known architect who was responsible for many of the Chicago landmark buildings, and his wife Elizabeth (Brooks) Maher, and the late Albert A. Michelson, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, and his wife Edna (Stanton) Michelson.

All clear now? No? Have a biscuit.