This "fascinating English girl" who plays Leading Feminine Roles was born in Italy, but raised in England. Wiki:

Her contract with Fox was abruptly cancelled in 1936 as a result of her refusal to accept a particular role. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer signed her to a contract and after a couple of romantic dramas she played the cousin of Myrna Loy in the very popular After the Thin Man (1936). After only two more films she retired, in 1943.

Settled down to write novels and poems. And bake the occasional muffin, I guess. Her mother insisted they had imperial blood:

The Countess claimed, in book form, to be the youngest child of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria kept secret from the public by her mother, the Empress Elizabeth, in order to preserve her from "the useless and dangerous life of courts, because I did not wish you to be an empty-headed, empty-hearted princess"

Sounds convincing.