A newspaper staple: dogs dressed up like people. Hah hah! They're dogs but they think they're people! Hah. Tis is Jack Prince and Blackie. Jack appears to have a jaunty touch of insanity that helps his endure these moments - that left eye looks endearingly nuts. Of course, it looks that way because the hat is on too tight, and it's pulling his eyelid back. This is not the sort of thing dogs necessarily look forward to.

His wife looks like the sort of long-suffering, mild, dependable, sensible person who got married to this amiable goof 40 years before, and has stayed with him despite of his eccentricities. Or perhaps because of them.

But one must remember this: these dogs have no idea what's going on, and they're not particularly troubled by the fact. It's the dog credo: things happen, then other things happen, then maybe nothing happens. Squirrel! Hey! A squirrel - Then there's dinner.

This is just one of those things that happen.